Title for annual report. Balsa wood with black ink.
Logotype for Lindau Edition. Brush marker.
Title for fashion magazine. China brush with ink.
"La vita è un sogno". Personal work. Automatic and pointed pen with ecoline.
Title for a calendar. Steel Brush Pen with black ink.
"Lucy". Personal work. China brush with ecoline.
Title for anniversary card. Ruling pen with ecoline. (from Libera Advertising)
♥ Personal work. Pointed pen.
Calligraphy for wine packaging. Ruling pen with watercolours.
Letter for a calendar. Speedball pen with ecoline.
"Ecco tutto qui". Personal work. Ruling pen with ecoline.
Title for FilaSport Catalogue. Steel Brush Pen with ecoline. (from NuovaComunicazione Adv)
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